Tucson Bike Repair Fleet Maintenance

Tucson Bike Repair began first and foremost as an on-call fleet bike repair maintenance company for hotels, resorts and Tucson bike rental companies that had large fleets of bikes that needed repair. Tucson Bike Repair is an excellent contract vendor for any company with multiple bikes that require ongoing bicycle maintenance and repair. DO NOT allow your customers to use unsafe, unchecked bikes that can result in accidents and law suits. Hiring certified bike repair professionals will help give your hotel, resort, rental company peace of mind, knowing your bicycles are fit and ready to ride!

Fleet Maintenance Customer Success Stories

“Complete professionals! These guys have a preventative maintenance approach that saves time, money and effort while making our  customers really happy. We never have to give refunds because a rental bike is poorly maintained.”

“We used to drop off bikes to a local shop. What a hassle! They show up, repair, maintain our inventory and our customers are happy!”

“As the largest bike rental player in Arizona, we need a fast and responsive fleet maintenance support to assist overload work that our shop mechanics cannot handle. This bike repair company really does amazing work, while also helping train our staff mechanics.